Alufoil Products Co., Inc.

Laminated Flexible Packaging

Laminated Flexible Packaging

Alufoil Products Co., Inc.'s specialty is the supply of various aluminum foil types in both sheet and roll. Carried in a range of color, size and thickness options, the aluminum foil we provide is intended for a range of applications and serves as a means of secure flexible packaging, suitable for use with food and pharmaceuticals, and within clean room settings. The wide range of colors, laminations, and customizable options we offer, make our foil the preferred choice for hair salon foil, florists supply, artists, confectioners, and heat seal foil packaging, just to name a few.

Oil free aluminum foil is available for use in a vacuum chamber or other clean room applications. An excellent masking material, aluminum foil is ideal for use on paint lines, or to protect tooling and equipment. Aluminum Sheet and Shim stock is also available.

Based upon the specifics of your application, aluminum foil can be customized by roll or sheet size. Whether being fed through a wrapping machine or for wrapping by hand, the dead soft quality of our foil assures a tight wrap around the item. Precut sheets save time and can easily be customized according to the size and thickness your packaging application calls for.

To select from our selection of aluminum sheet and foil rolls for food service, craft needs, hair highlighting and gift wrap, browse our catalog. Quote requests can be submitted through our electronic request form.