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Inner & Overwrap Chocolate Bar Wrap

Inner & Overwrap Chocolate Bar WrapMore Information in Our Product Catalog

Specially made to wrap chocolate bars, bar wrap foil from Alufoil Products Co., Inc. is wax laminated to a thin paper backing which helps prevent the chocolate from sticking. Like the un-backed chocolate foil, high quality chocolate bar wrap is made from food safe aluminum foil and is unique for its dead soft folding that wraps chocolate and food bars securely.

In addition to the smooth, reflective quality of our bar wrap, the food safe colors we offer provide a cosmetically pleasing appearance designed to compliment your brand/label colors.

For hand wrapping - precut custom sized sheets save time in the packaging process and ensure a proper, uniform fit every time. Precut sheets are furnished in packages of 1,000 sheets.

For machine wrapping - rolls are furnished in custom widths on 3" I.D. cores.

Note: If you are overwrapping a commercial chocolate bar, before applying a novelty sleeve, a heavier weight colored foil paper is available.

To order or specify your custom requirements, contact us or complete a quote request through our product catalog. With our vast selection of colors, sizes and thicknesses, Alufoil has the perfect foil wrap for your application, for everything from jewelers foil to foil board inserts.